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Welcome to read PE dehumidifying dryer(Product alias:Dehumidifying Drying System)related information! This is a detailed introduction of PE dehumidifying dryer parameters, PE dehumidifying dryer principles, PE dehumidifying dryer application industries,PE dehumidifying dryer product characteristics, PE dehumidifying dryer operation and maintenance, and related production PE dehumidifying dryer(Product alias:Dehumidifying Drying System)manufacturers !Important tips 1, the information of this site is for reference only, actual please field assessment!Two, severely crack down on network fraud! If shippment is needed, please visit the spot personally to avoid being deceived.

PE dehumidifying dryer

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  PE dehumidifying dryer Details description
product name:PE dehumidifying dryer
release time:2020-06-22 11:55:34
simple description:Small size, easy to move and use on any workstation.
weight :400.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For Plastic Material Drying
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Dehumidifying Drying System
  PE dehumidifying dryer Product introduction

PE dehumidifying dryer parameter

Dehumidifying Drying System

PE dehumidifying dryer Equipment principle

Dehumidifying Drying System

PE dehumidifying dryer application

1. Using imported PID microcomputer temperature controller to accurately control the regeneration temperature, saving more than 35% of electricity. French "Norres" tube maximum temperature 250°C
2. The speed of the honeycomb is adjustable.
3. The use of double condensers, low circulating air temperature, low dew point, enhanced configuration.
Dehumidifying Drying System

PE dehumidifying dryer Precautions

1. Optional dew point meter can monitor the dehumidification of AT at any time.
2. Compact size, easy to move and use on any workstation.
3. Double condenser design can ensure lower return temperature and dew point.
Product alias:
Dehumidifying Drying System
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