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Big Vertical Mixer

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  Big Vertical Mixer Details description
product name:Big Vertical Mixer
release time:2020-05-28 14:52:19
simple description:It widely application in plastic granulating, plastic modified, recycled plastic and plastic masterbatch etc.
weight :1050.00
unit weight:KG
characteristic:For mixing plastic virgin material and master batch or recycled material
patent:Mixing Control
Producing country:CHINA
Product alias:Vertical Blender
  Big Vertical Mixer Product introduction

Big Vertical Mixer parameter

Vertical Blender

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Vertical Blender

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Vertical Blender

Big Vertical Mixer Precautions

   - It adopts vertical parallel stirring method to install the machine. Generally it has 3-5.5m high of the machine, it is better to have forklift and truck crane, to prevent deformation caused by accident happened and breaking the barrel.
   - It is use of 380V, 3-Phase, 50Hz power supply, constant power supply should be guaranteed.
   - The electric motor it must be follows the direction of arrow to running.
   - Empty test run machine first after connected well power line, if it is happen run in reverse, it can be adjust the current position in two firewire.
Product alias:
Vertical Blender
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Product name:Big Vertical Mixer
Enterprise:Dongguan Hengju mechanical equipment Co., Ltd
Region:Dong guan
Telephone:+86 15817747776
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